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Seven Against Georgia: Erotic Fiction Eduardo Mendicutti

Seven Against Georgia: Erotic Fiction

Eduardo Mendicutti

Published October 7th 2003
ISBN : 9780802140371
160 pages
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 About the Book 

Witty, bawdy, and highly titillating, Seven Against Georgia skewers prudish legislation of sexuality by allowing seven flamboyant Spanish gay men to counter sodomy laws by sending their sexual histories and fantasies directly to the head of Georgias police force. Adopting such over-the-top noms de guerre as Herr Betty Honey and Pamela Poodle, the ladies of Seven Against Georgia attack sexual repression with hilarious results. Whether its Miss Balconys very special relationship with the man who delivers her morning baguette (and who boasts a similar-sized baton himself), or Herr Betty Honeys passion for a man with a great love of first-communion dresses, Colette Miss Cocos comparative study of the sex shes known in her round-the-world business travels, or Miss Madelons ode to a man (or, better, several men) in uniform, the testimonials in Seven Against Georgia provide a sparkling entertainment that can be opened at any point and read with great enjoyment. Collectively they make for a delightful and erotic praise to the individual right to pleasure in all its forms.