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Releasing Heartstrings (Breaking Heartache Series Book 3) Tricia Dylanan

Releasing Heartstrings (Breaking Heartache Series Book 3)

Tricia Dylanan

Published November 17th 2014
Kindle Edition
122 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This book/edition is out of print.This novel is intended only for readers 18 years of age and older due to mature content, expletive language and sexual situations.Let’s see. Kelly’s almost ex-husband Robby cheated on her. More than once. So at the age of 45, Kelly makes the ultimate decision to move on with her life. Having been with Robby since high school she’s ready to make some major changes, without regret and full speed ahead. And going to visit her brother Joe and his girlfriend Stasia in Colorado for the Christmas holidays is just the motivation she needs to propel herself into action to find new love.With a little help from her well-intended but sometimes meddling brother, Kelly gets up her nerve and comes up with a plan. Kelly and Joe make a deal. She gets to try and meet a good guy on her own, or Joe gets to find one for her.All Kelly truly desires is a life filled with forever happiness, sharing it with a good man who treats her well and loves her with all of his heart. But based on past experiences she can’t help but question: Is that really too much to ask?Releasing Heartstrings is the third novel in the Breaking Heartache series, and follows Kelly’s journey to find not only herself, but also new love.This book/edition is out of print.