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The Insurance Underwriter Career Guide Mary Richardson

The Insurance Underwriter Career Guide

Mary Richardson

Published December 11th 2010
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 About the Book 

The Insurance Underwriter Career GuideAre you seeking a career as a Insurance Underwriter?Most large insurance companies prefer to hire candidates who have a bachelors degree or some insurance-related experience. Continuing education is necessary for advancement. Employment is expected to decline slowly as the spread of automated underwriting software increases worker productivity. Job opportunities should be best for those with strong computer skills and a background in finance.In The Insurance Underwriter Career Guide youll discover:* What those in this occupation do and the environment or conditions they work under...* The education, training, qualifications, skills, abilities and experience you will need to work in this field...* Where and who is hiring now for these positions...* The chances for finding work and remaining employed based on demand and other economic considerations...* The average annual pay and the factors that determine how much a person employed in this field may earn, along with any fringe benefits if available...* Plus much more...Included in this guide is a section listing 50 best job hunting, resume writing and interviewing tips.Whether youre still figuring out what to do for a living or changing careers, you need a guide like this to help you make the right decision.