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Before Him Chris Lange

Before Him

Chris Lange

Published September 5th 2013
12 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This is the prequel to Gabriel, a novella that continues the story of Calista and the master vampire of the novellas title. This was VERY short, too short in my opinion coming in at 12 pages, but still entertaining and creatively original. I love a good pnr, especially vampires, so this was right up my alley. Calista was made to geld vampires, she carries a rare, almost mythical legacy with powers extremely dangerous to them.She works a normal 9-5 job by day, but by night her mission is to eradicate the vicious feedings vampires selfishly partake in. Shes been doing it for years, but a master vampire, a master of masters, is coming, and Calista is for once anxious and scared. But heres the thing, she loves the sex with these vamps, sex thats necessary to finish her mission. So when she hears Gabriel is coming, a vampire unknown to her in every way, she experiences a lust unlike any other.This was entertaining despite its short length, and Im really looking forward to Gabriel, its nice to see creativity in the pnr genre.**Copy provided through the publisher by Chris Lange for review **