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Wicce K. Y. Fong


K. Y. Fong

Published January 3rd 2012
ISBN : 9781462084234
244 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Charlotte Branson dreaded the day graduation came. All the students at college celebrated it except her. Everyone seemed to already have a plan, a future- she had nothing. She was worried about just putting food on the table at home. But when she sees the ad in the classifieds for a job at her local university, her fortune turns. She got her dream job and even the varsity football star as her boyfriend. Just when everything seemed almost perfect, she discovered that her boss was not who he seemed. The eccentric Anthropology professor, Dean Brinkley, showed her a side of reality she never dreamt of. Elated, she felt special with her new-found talents. Obsessed with her new life, her new self, Charlotte took everything for granted and even thought nothing of it when girls began to disappear around campus...until it was too late. Because of her foolishness, the most precious thing might now be ripped from her forever.