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The Manly Man Code Donovan Galway

The Manly Man Code

Donovan Galway

Published April 15th 2009
ISBN : 9781600761317
120 pages
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 About the Book 

In the beginning, all things that mattered were ruled over and decided upon by the one true leader of men, the Alpha Male, the Manly Man. He alone reigned supreme and unchallenged, his sole and absolute authority forging the world for the lesser men and women to prosper within. Governed by his sacred vow to honor the rules set forth within this sacred text, the Manly Man did lay the paths for the future of men and for advancement of the entire human race. None among the others knew the extent to which they owed their existence to the Manly Man. He and all his brethren kept their power secret, their influence hidden from the world and allowed the race to blossom in the bliss of ignorance. Vowed to absolute secrecy, no Manly Man would ever dare divulge to outsiders the existence of the secret order or the sacred book that held the rules and guidelines that governed the order of the Manly Man. None dared until now.At great peril, a fallen Manly Man has chosen to show the human race how they were formed. Within these ancient covers are the rules and codes that make a man a man. Everything about the behavior, habits, fears and follies is chronicled in absolute detail. This is the first and the final text of the most secretive and powerful of all humans. This is The Manly Man Code.