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Poesii Mihai Eminescu


Mihai Eminescu

Published 1989
307 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Poems by Mihai Eminescu is a book with almost all poems written by Mihai Eminescu which is an author that I have learned a lot about as High School student. Yes, this book had some illustrations, but those were there for historical reasons. I never had a chance to read most of his work, nor did I know that his work was translated to English. Because this book is composed solely of poems, the Authors voice is all and everything. Eminescu absolutely amazed me with the amount of metaphors and other figures of speeches that he used so perfectly.One wish alone have IIn some calm landBeside the sea to dieUpon its strandThat I forever sleep,The forest near,A heaven near,Stretched over the peaceful deep.These are very powerful words,especially knowing that he died at such young ages, his voice is strong and often brought me to tears.I can use this book for a variety of reasons, for instance Evening Star, is a fairytale written in verse form. I believe that rhyme and the great story it has will even be interesting to children. This book can also be used to identify amazing adjectives and analogies especially when describing seasons.