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The Horseless Horsemen, Book 1: Jude Ross C Miller

The Horseless Horsemen, Book 1: Jude

Ross C Miller

Published March 21st 2015
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 About the Book 

5 Stars! Some people fail at using violence to tell a story. Jude is the opposite. It succeeds on so many levels. Darkness mixed with Christian themes brings this story to life. I like the character of Jane as well as the title character. Moving and electric. A must read! - Author Alan Riehl, The Riehl Way to Write5 Stars! Like nothing Ive ever read. Both this book and the hero of this story are unlike any Ive ever encountered. This dark tale is refreshingly different and masterfully woven by the author. I look forward to reading the sequel! - Stacy Shofner-Williams (Author, Of Shadows & Ash)5 Stars! Do not pick up this book thinking that you will take your time reading it. It is so engaging that you will not be able to put it down. RC Miller creates in Jude a character you will never forget. There is good and bad in this potential super hero, who is less a hero and more a victim, a human who has very little in common with most humans. What he does have is a soul and a mission. Although it is a bit dark, I recommend it to anyone who has the stomach for a good tale. - ReadersFavoriteHe went into the bathroom, up to one of the dirty sinks, and looked into the mirror, about to ask himself a question. He turned away quickly and barked a soundless epithet. He grabbed the sides of the sink for balance.… oh, God!He looked up slowly.The thing in the mirror hadn’t changed. It hadn’t gone away.The … thing.It had to be himself. It was a mirror.He looked away again. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to run or puke.… it can’t be. that can’t be me.His body quaked with fear. …with revulsion. …with confusion. His mind wanted to do a merry jig.… no. there lies madness. Think!It took a few minutes before he was able to look up at himself again.He moved to the next sink over. …as if a different mirror would show him something different. …something closer to reality.It didn’t.