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The Saints Getaway Leslie Charteris

The Saints Getaway

Leslie Charteris

Published 1973
ISBN : 9780856175312
188 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The Saint With a Travelogue and Adventure, No SlidesThings got a little too hot in England with Mr. Teal and a packet of diamonds. Simon and Pat lay low on the Continent and the Saint tries to be a good boy. A leopard cant change its spots. A chance encounter with a little man hit on by 3 men brings back the Saint in all his glory, derring do, and mischievous instincts. The daring duo of Simon and Patricia Holm. Are joined a junior buccaneers Monty Hayward. And wouldnt love to live the adventure and a recounter with Prince Rudolph?No Rayt Markus this time. Just the Prince, his henchmen, and assorted characters along the way. The Saint is over his head on this one and feeling his way with every road block, killing, and train robbery. What makes this novel unique is Leslie Charteris take on the proceedings through the eyes and feelings of Monty. Much of the Saints take on life is explained to us thru Monty.This is one of his adventures I thoroughly enjoyed even to the grand finale which cant be beat - the uncrowning of his ancient enemy who is ruthless in his executions. All fans of Mr. Carters Saint will absolutely adore this book.