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Lolas Letters: A Collection of Family News & Homespun Grit Brenda Kellam Cusack

Lolas Letters: A Collection of Family News & Homespun Grit

Brenda Kellam Cusack

Published March 8th 2013
ISBN : 9781432785543
96 pages
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 About the Book 

Lolas Letters is an African American familys collection of heart to heart correspondences to a beloved son and brother, Samuel McGee, a soldier stationed in Germany during the Korean War. Sammies separation from his large family added to the many challenges faced by him, his parents and siblings after the McGees migration from Richland, Georgia to the outskirts of Trenton, New Jersey in 1946. Sammies mother Lola Cox McGee encouraged everyone in the household to keep in touch with him, in spite of the familys day to day struggles. After Lolas death the insightful letters were found in a small burlap bag among her few prized possessions. Further testimony to Lolas positive influence and homespun grit are found in the biographies of the McGee family members. A strong belief in God, respect of person, belief in their fellow man, good work ethics, and undying determination are some of the qualities that Lola instilled in her children. Her vocabulary was that of the poor rural South yet soft-spoken Lola could get her point across. Some of her sayings are defined in this publication. Three decades after Lolas passing, her words and ways live on. They serve as an inspiration to her family to keep moving forward and to make better lives for themselves. Lola taught her family to draw strength from God and from within when confronted with the harshness of life. She evenly showed her love for her ten children. Lola did all she could for her family during the decades (1920s through the 80s), especially during the times when there were no or few support services or groups to aid with physical handicaps, physical and mental health issues and abuses, alcoholism, homelessness, divorce, interracial marriage and prejudices. All of which touched Lolas family in one way or another. Lola, Mama and MomMom to her children and grandchildren, was the one who heard it all, saw the effects of it all, prayed through it all, yet remained the anchor keeping th