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Parasite Josh Murphy


Josh Murphy

Published June 24th 2012
Kindle Edition
119 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Within a few hours of the first infection almost everyone in Yeshing had been butchered, many by their own family. Those lucky enough to avoid infection are forced to stand together and fight off the infected hordes, each of them being driven to kill after death by a new parasite that threatens to end the world as it is known.Attention:This is a first draft of my first book. Please be aware when reading that the purpose of this book is to gather feedback on the story.I’m fully aware that the book is riddled with punctuation mistakes, spelling mistakes and almost every other error that could be made.However, I hope that you can see past this and see the book for what it is.It is written by a young dyslexic author. I appreciate anyone willing to read this, I’m sure that the story is interesting and engaging enough to help a reader see past the mistakes.I’m currently in the process of editing this and doing my best to perfect it. So, with some good feedback I can confidently commit all of my free time to editing.Thanks for checking this out, I really hope you enjoy my work.Also, if anyone does read the entirety of this book and enjoys it, be aware that I’ve also written a sequel to this novel of equal length. Please let it be known if you’re interested in viewing it.I also had some difficulty formatting this for kindle.