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Irish Dancing Costume Martha Robb

Irish Dancing Costume

Martha Robb

Published June 1st 1998
ISBN : 9780946172603
48 pages
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 About the Book 

Irish dancing costume evolved from the Celtic Revival aspiration to a distinctive national Irish dress. Inspired by what was known or believed about medieval and ancient Gaelic dress, costumes reflecting Irelands glorious past were invented and made with Irish textiles. At the height of the Revival, some Irish nationalists wore Irish costume on special occasions, such as Gaelic Leagues Oireachtas exhibitions. Alongside the new interest in national costume, Irish dancing was being revived, and before long it became customary to wear distinctively Irish costumes for dancing, especially in competition. In the past two to three decades, Irish dancing costume evolved rapidly, culminating in the elaborate and heavily embroidered, appliqued and decorated costumes that are popular with dancers today. The latest influence on Irish dancing costume is Riverdance, which inspires a shorter, lighter style.